For the Functional City

Visionary real estate investor

We are a privately owned real estate investment company that manages and develops properties with a long-term approach, in the best possible way for the tenants and city residents.

We operate in the traffic hubs of developing city districts. We create value in different property types, always taking sustainability into account, and we see opportunities where others may not see them.

Advocate for a vibrant city

Through our properties, we actively promote the development of city districts with growing urban density to ensure that we will have functional, comfortable and sustainable working and living environments also in the future.

We bring life to the properties we own by focusing on smooth interaction with our tenants. Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we want to encounter each of our customers with a personal touch.

Sustainable values are key within our operations

Transparent and seamless cooperation with our stakeholders is our number one priority. A reliable, proactive and open business partner, we are as good as our word. Our decision-making is quick and straightforward.

In our operations, we have a strong focus on sustainability. We pay attention to the functionality, life cycle economy, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, and health and safety aspects in our properties.