For the Functional City

Visionary real estate developer

We are a privately owned real estate investment company that manages and develops properties with a long-term approach, in the best possible way for the tenants and city residents.

We operate in the traffic hubs of developing city districts. We create value in different property types, always taking sustainability into account, and we see opportunities where others may not see them.

Advocate for a vibrant city

The real estate sector is undergoing transformation. Approximately 40% of all CO2 emissions are generated from the built environment. Densifying cities is one of the most significant factors that can influence this challenge. We believe that active real estate development can solve many problems associated with the built environment.

We develop our properties with a long-term perspective, always considering the characteristics of the area, so that the needs of tenants, residents, and society are better addressed. We operate at the transportation hubs of evolving urban districts, creating value with sustainability in mind.

Sustainable values are key within our operations

We create denser cities, which reduces emissions and protects biodiversity. Our strategically located properties offer various opportunities for development, reducing the need for urban area expansion.

We collaborate with cities and other stakeholders to develop environmentally friendly and user-friendly property entities. Through open communication and active interaction, we build transparent and seamless cooperation with our stakeholders.