Enabler of sustainable city development

As the climate warms, biodiversity deteriorates and extreme weather conditions become more common. As a result of these phenomena, the built environment must be densified under conditions that preserve nature, reducing the overall emissions of the built environment. It is obvious that built environment should consist of more functionally attractive space and more users in the future.

We act as the promoter of a more climate-positive and denser cities. Through our operations, we reduce the inefficient use of existing properties and construction that is harmful to the climate and unnecessarily spreads the cities horizontally.

Responsible property owner

As environmental problems increase, various environmental efficiency measures such as promoting the circular economy become mandatory and resources decreases. Requirements related to energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy are growing.

We lease business premises to various operators along good transportation links, enabling economic growth for other companies as well. As the property owner, we commit to responsible property maintenance, improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impacts. We consider the opportunities of the circular economy in our operations and make our consumption choices with respect for the environment.

Promoter of collaboration and communication

We actively collaborate with cities and other stakeholders to develop user-friendly and environmentally sustainable property entities. We advocate for denser cities and communicate this openly to all our stakeholders. Additionally, the well-being and professional development of our staff is paramount to us.